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13th June 2024 
Business Books. Second workbooks

I work with company heads, executives and business experts from a wide range of companies including financial institutions and the retail industry, creating accounts of how enterprising individuals have grown successful businesses.
I also work with those who have enjoyed interesting and innovative working lives.

My business books include: 'The Spirit of Success' and 'Step Back' by Norman Drummond, Chairman of professional business and development service Drummond International and founder of award-winning social enterprise and charity Columbia 1400, 'Be Your own Life Coach' by hugely successful life coach Fiona Harrold (still an international bestseller after 16 years) 'The Art of of Persuasion: How to Influence People and Get What you Want' by leading Business Coach Juliet Erickson, 'The Alchemy of Voice' by Stewart Pearce, head voice coach at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and 'A Sticky Business' by Paul Grant, Chairman of international preserves-makers Mackays of Scotland.

Books are Good for Business
A book carries enormous prestige. Even in the age of high-tech, a book conveys a sense of permanence and substance and gives readers a body of information far more effectively than a website.
This is why businesses continue to commission books about themselves, their senior personnel or their area of expertise. A book is a lasting record of achievement, both personal and corporate.
A book is also a powerful cost-effective marketing tool. It puts across the corporate message to a target market in an authoritative and thoughtful way. If your company has a customer base to give or sell the book to you may recoup any initial outlay before it is sold to the public. And the publication of a book can lead to interviews and a wider marketing campaign.
Ultimately, a book is a lasting testament to the achievement of a company or individual.

I am happy to advise on and to recommend agents and publishers for your book.
It’s also worth noting that many of today's most successful books were initially self-published and were then taken up by mainstream publishers.
Self-publishing is inexpensive and straightforward and the result is a book which can be passed on to a wider readership, within a company, through a website and via word of mouth.

Cost and Process
The book will be based on a series of face to face interviews which will be taped. The length of a business book is usually 20,000 to 50,000 words. Every book is different and costs vary, depending on length, research involved and material.
Do contact me to discuss your book, I am always fair and competitive.

'Grateful thanks to Caro Handley for her expertise. The whole process of writing this book has been hugely enjoyable and I am delighted with the finished product. Paul Grant, Chairman of Mackays, author of 'A Sticky Business' 2014

'Many thanks to my delightful editor Caro Handley with whom it has been such a pleasure to work.' Norman Drummond, Chairman of Drummond International and Founder of Columbia 1400 author of 'The Spirit of Success' 2004 'The Power of Three' 2010 and 'Step Back' 2015